Hailing from the digital domain, Mr. Friday is the head pencil pusher and designer on board.



Although his heart is what birthed the Aggressive Salmon, Mr. Carlson is only with us on some years. He's often away from the coast taming megawatts in the prairies. 


The driving spirit of team agro for the past few years, Mr. Faux pilots the raceboat and leads construction projects.

Mr. Pounds

Mr. Steel

From his Island estate, Mr. Pounds crafts specialized parts and apparatus for the team out of metals, ferrous and non. 

The Captain

With many years taming the seas under his belt, Mr. Peacock captains the support vessel, advises the team and more.


In Memory of Ryan Langlois. With the creation of the new 668 inboard bathtub raceboat, the Aggressive Salmon needed an individual with nerves of steel to fill the role of pilot for our original boat, Tub #659. Mr. Langlois filled those boots and then some, coming in 2nd place in his first year racing.